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  • The most fascinating thing with Citroën's suspension is that it works also in brutally cold temperatures. I had two, and I live in the North of Sweden, I NEVER had any trouble with it. Neither did the DS and CX Familiales used as taxis, and they were lovely and comfortable, and ENORMOUS inside. The only thing that could drive you mad was the electrical system, it was always something not working or halfway working. Or in need of immediate repair, and that's EXPENSIVE on a big Citroën. They are not easy to deal with, but the mechanics was incredibly sturdy and reliable. The whole cars were rolling paradoxes, but I liked them a lot. The C5 V6 Exclusive was nice.... nice indeed... It was as much NOT Volvo as any car could be. And we had Volvo too, the last one left us with 530,000 Kms on the clock. But a Citroën CX which was serviced correctly and protected against rust could do it too. I know a DS which passed 750,000kms.... and they feel like new until they die. So... they are very good cars. But you have to live with the personality, there must be love.

    Fredrik LarssonFredrik Larsson16 timmar sedan
  • This car seems to match Mr.D the most

    Young WizzdomYoung Wizzdom16 timmar sedan
  • this is the best car ever made .

    bob bobbob bob16 timmar sedan
  • There are six wheel CX’s with a longer rear length. They used to load them full of newspapers hot off the press and drive them as fast as possible across Europe making deliveries.

    JGHDVCFGTJGHDVCFGT16 timmar sedan
  • Why can't Americans say 'Citroen' or 'Peugeot' correctly ?

    Strange FruitStrange Fruit16 timmar sedan
  • Auto Metal means it will know to change bias when a metal tape is inserted.

    Samantha WoodwardSamantha Woodward16 timmar sedan
  • Totally disappointed if I'm honest. Doesn't have the exclusivity or premium feel (at least not from where I'm sitting) that the Bentayga or Aston's DBX has. Just pimping a GLS isn't good enough Mercedes and where's the V12?!

    lapamfullapamful16 timmar sedan
  • Ohh look at him he looks happier than ever😂

    Moner Abo AlhijaMoner Abo Alhija16 timmar sedan
  • Jaguar not Jaguwar you prick speak English for fuck sake

    Andrew MaudeAndrew Maude16 timmar sedan
  • 11:37 european cars just didnt really have cupholders until mid 2000s. drinking coffee while you drive was seen as american and associated with automatic transmissions.

    KingProneKingProne17 timmar sedan
  • 11:12 You shouldn't be putting on makeup while you're driving, anyway.

    Trainzguy2472Trainzguy247217 timmar sedan
  • Look at that S car go! Remember that Punchline?

    Allen .BergeAllen .Berge17 timmar sedan
  • The reason this car was so popular for heads of state is the fact that the wide c pillar blocks the view of their head from the outside and provides better protection in the event somebody tries to assassinate them

    Jessa PhillipsJessa Phillips17 timmar sedan
  • This car is way ahead of its time

    Mav SierraMav Sierra17 timmar sedan
  • Hey isn't the brake pedal a ball/mushroom? ...probably the older models! forgot to mention a couple of features: ---For one you can drive it with a with a missing wheel! ---Also you don't need a jack to change the tires! It is also super comfortable! ...and surprisingly very reliable! It is very aerodynamic, hence nothing but wind noise when you are cruising! It could also outlast all of us! ...not to mention your kids and their grandsons! Just by doing some basic maintenance this car could outlast all of us by a century or so!!! It would never rust either! I believe it is a weird mixture of alloys, that include aluminum!

    Martin PrehjanMartin Prehjan17 timmar sedan
  • I know SOMEONE with one that has it twin turbo

    Dillon SavageDillon Savage17 timmar sedan
  • Wait isn't the trx more powerful now?

    skytortuga Productionsskytortuga Productions17 timmar sedan
  • sweet ride

    OTownBoss407OTownBoss40717 timmar sedan
  • 2:32 Regardless of being left or right handed: I actually don't know any person using their right hand to open the doors on the drivers side.

    foolishwatcherfoolishwatcher17 timmar sedan
  • Wolfgang Bernard signed every single dodge viper V10

    Unknown PersoUnknown Perso17 timmar sedan
  • It's that weirdness that made Citroen their dedicated fans. And they stopped it.......

    mr_nice_heartedmr_nice_hearted17 timmar sedan
  • a Doug Demuro video I don’t care about.

    Sam MaloneSam Malone17 timmar sedan
  • CONCAVE GLASS IN THE BACK: They did it in that manner so the door from the boot can be little bit deeper so when opened, they do not touch glass. And yes, also for the opening of the trunk to be little bit bigger so you can put bigger objects into the back. They also did that with C5 (2008-2016) and C6. Cheers from Slovenia!

    Mare PredovičMare Predovič17 timmar sedan
  • Tesla Model 3 Plaid can do that at a fraction of the cost. With some of the money saved I could buy a grizzly bear's asshole on a roller-skate.😀

    TheFarmanimalfriendTheFarmanimalfriend17 timmar sedan
  • Lmao doug got the russians real mad on this one, who knew THIS would be the care they would vigorously defend.

    AspireGDAspireGD17 timmar sedan
  • Zero mention or consideration of Kia’s warranty. That, coupled with far less mechanical/repair complexity means I’d take Carnival (worst possible name) over Sienna every time.

    N ParN Par17 timmar sedan

    MSX98FMDnBMSX98FMDnB17 timmar sedan
  • The concave window allowed them to remove the rear wiper.

    Vlad DiedovVlad Diedov17 timmar sedan
  • a perfect car for hoovie garage ! why are there no french car dealerships in the usa ?? those little citroen's and peugeots would be perfect cars for the city

    Benelux supercarsBenelux supercars17 timmar sedan
  • Everyone: Mercedes EQS Doug: THISSSSSS IS A CITROËN CX Thats a bit dead.

    Dee kaDee ka17 timmar sedan
  • The biggest advantage of the elevating suspension: the ability to raise up to top height, to change a flat tire! At upper limit, the fixed height jack-post was fitted in the frame notches, and then the car lowered, keeping the wheel elevated off the surface for easy dismounting!!!

    James H. KnaupJames H. Knaup17 timmar sedan
  • It's been to the gym!

    Rodd JohnsonRodd Johnson17 timmar sedan
  • Ok so, a FAMILY luxury car with a on/off button in the middle where everyone can reach it.... seems a little dodgy if you ask me....

    Lewis _Lewis _17 timmar sedan
  • This makes me proud to be French.

    ToferTofer17 timmar sedan
  • You can fold over the backseat and the passenger seat to get extended cargo space. My dad hauled a lot of long an heavy stuff with it.

    boelwerkrboelwerkr17 timmar sedan
  • Says German car expectantly isn’t funny and makes a German stereotype joke. Maybe you should try acting like in 2021

    Nils MerkleNils Merkle17 timmar sedan
  • That trunk reminds me of the 1978-1979 buttless Cutlass.

    BLK BanditBLK Bandit17 timmar sedan
  • Wait there’s an LS600h??? I thought it ended at 460??? 🤯

    Luis AdriánLuis Adrián17 timmar sedan
  • I wish today’s car designers were this innovative.

    Jake JhonsJake Jhons17 timmar sedan
  • After the virtual collapse of the Australian domestic auto industry, THAILAND has apparently upped its game and is becoming a significant player in the Asia-Pacific auto market. They are going vs the "big boys" Japan, Korea and China. BTW Mexico has a Pacific Coast(MOTO) and is part of that international market place.

    FrankFrank17 timmar sedan
  • I tried a 2021 basic one and you will be lucky to get to 125 km/h. It also drive like a wooden go-cart. I heard that the top version is ok though. It as a 4 cylinders engine

    Frank StarshipFrank Starship17 timmar sedan
  • @11:35 no cupholders because you shouldn't be eating and drinking in ur car as you drive, of course! I never allow food and drink in my car, and with that one rule it remains immaculate. If u need to have a Cocoa and a donut, stop at a shop and stretch for a hot minute.

    BUEAUBUEAU17 timmar sedan
  • American: This car is too weird. Citroën sales dude: It has gun trigger door handles. American: Take my money.

    ô¿ôô¿ô17 timmar sedan
  • "The sunshade goes up to shade you from the sun."

    alida flusalida flus17 timmar sedan
  • Kia and Hyundai on the rise yall sleep.

    Terance GoodwinTerance Goodwin17 timmar sedan
  • Had this car when i was 16-17 years old. Gold with black windows :-) Since than i drove or have been driven in a lot of cars. But comfort in this car can not be measured by anything before or since. It just eats pot holes and speed bumps like they do not exist. Simply the best drive ever, regardless if you cruise on highway or take it on mountain road PS: My had water gauges :-) not the classic ones like this one on this video. And turn signals? You do not even have to adjust to them. They are always there where you need them to be :-)

    Mare PredovičMare Predovič17 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for pointing at the shift lever, the pedals and the all the various dash holes and door holes as you're talking about them at camera center, because I never would've seen any of those things.👈👉👆👇☝👍👎

    JohnnyO34JohnnyO3417 timmar sedan
  • Looks like the Audi RS E

    #ElevationNation#ElevationNation17 timmar sedan
  • I've owned three of these cars. Great memories.

    Espen RudsengenEspen Rudsengen17 timmar sedan
  • Car people: The indicators don't cancel! Motorbike people: What's the problem?

    ô¿ôô¿ô17 timmar sedan
  • The concave back window reduces the glare of the sun and cars from behind. My dad loved the CX we owned three of them. Every we drove with it nearly every year from Germany to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, with a caravan. The self leveling feature was really useful for that. But they rusted really fast in in the German climat.

    boelwerkrboelwerkr17 timmar sedan
  • That is a Citroen cx prestige ie long wheelbase, I would think the wheels would intrude a little on the normal model? Roll is normal for the car and it doesn't mean the handling isn't any good. The rear window is like that for aerodynamics, to reduce reflections and finally to keep it clear of water via the flow of air over it, note no wiper required. But yes it is pricey to replace. It is one very special car

    anticat900anticat90017 timmar sedan
  • Review a Merlin Roadster

    Rod DavisRod Davis17 timmar sedan
  • If Corvette wasn't in the name I would have thought this was a Ferrari...

    Cory VCory V17 timmar sedan
  • Imagine you get pissed off and hit the steering wheel on accident

    Muhd AlaminMuhd Alamin17 timmar sedan
  • I dont even know why Brits get so mad its not even really a english company anymore it was German then American and now Indian

    davon byrddavon byrd17 timmar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure I saw Mclaren Elvas (mules) being road tested the other day. No windscreens. One thing I did notice was how incredible they sounded. FYI, I live not far from a vehicle test facility across the pond. 👍

    PatLadsChan99PatLadsChan9917 timmar sedan
  • This is a low speed vehicle.... smh

    Allen TokyoAllen Tokyo17 timmar sedan
  • I've known about it, it's been my dream car for so long 🥺

    Justin DennerJustin Denner17 timmar sedan
  • I’d really like a car like this, a land cruise ship, bench seats, horrid gas mileage

    Local 38 ON - TV BroadcastingLocal 38 ON - TV Broadcasting17 timmar sedan
  • No vacuum available in this minivan. Total fail /s

    appleiphone69appleiphone6917 timmar sedan
  • This list is a major cop out. He could of put genuine cars that people might actually buy or drive. But he instead went with any car he has reviewed regardless of context. Obviously these cars are not good. The trabant, yugo sand BMW are basic but still amazing cars with great heritage and history and uniqueness. They obviously suck tho we didn’t need Doug to tell us that.

    Tawer ZadokTawer Zadok17 timmar sedan
  • I really like their design choices on this car. I don’t think they seem very quirky for the time period. More unique and intriguing than unexpected, except for the radio placement. 🤨 The earlier CX models with the drum speedometer are more quirky.

    norweegnorweeg17 timmar sedan
  • A very bizarre vehicle

    Edward-eDw-ShimkovEdward-eDw-Shimkov17 timmar sedan
  • Jay Leno did a review on his personal Citroen. He said it is by far the most comfortable european riding car back in the day. His was an earlier model.

    LoneWolfSigmaLoneWolfSigma17 timmar sedan
  • In case you wonder, the C6 was a tribute to the CX.. even the name "cee six" sounds close to "cee ix"

    Mammouth LafouinneMammouth Lafouinne17 timmar sedan
  • Is that a PS5?

    Saad NabilSaad Nabil17 timmar sedan
  • In Canada you will need a D licence to drive it because of the dual axle . years ago some one put an extra axle on a van to look cool but it didn't last when they got charged .

    OmegaCouchPotatoeOmegaCouchPotatoe17 timmar sedan
  • Saddams 560SEL had black interior FYI.

    Johanness NilssonJohanness Nilsson17 timmar sedan
  • I'm sorry but If I was the richest person in the world I'd still be driving a fucking regular car

    John HaloJohn Halo17 timmar sedan
  • weird ugly looking car

    Vlink-POSVlink-POS17 timmar sedan
  • Didn't have the money for a decent 6, hence the awful 2.5 turbo 4 cylinder.

    Howard MessiasHoward Messias17 timmar sedan
  • I just bought a 2014 Black Raptor after watching your review. Thank you.

    Ebon DrakeEbon Drake17 timmar sedan
  • G-wagon is ruined now

    V. SteenV. Steen17 timmar sedan
  • 0-60 in 1.9 seconds + 8 cupholders. What could go wrong?

    Bill BixbyBill Bixby17 timmar sedan
  • This car has arcade videogame handling irl

    Speedy Black SheriffSpeedy Black Sheriff17 timmar sedan
  • This is one of those cars that are so ugly it’s beautiful

    Sam TunksSam Tunks17 timmar sedan
  • The steering wheel was designed this way as a safety feature. Back then, without all of the safety features of today, there was a fear of a driver being impaled on the driving column during a collision.

    baaraibaarai17 timmar sedan
    • Similarly, the spare tire was placed this way to add to driver safety. (Is Doug gonna mention about how easy and unique it is to change a flat tire?)

      baaraibaarai17 timmar sedan
  • @7:15 Doug nervously nibbles his fingernails down to the quick, not surprisingly.

    BUEAUBUEAU17 timmar sedan
  • That little Toyota probably felt like it got a shoutout

    Skylab BeatsSkylab Beats17 timmar sedan