The Koenigsegg Gemera is a Family Hypercar with 1700 Horsepower

The Koenigsegg Gemera review is here! Today I'm taking you on the most thorough tour yet of the Koenigsegg Gemera, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Gemera -- and I'm going to show you the Gemera in detail, inside and out. Check out my Koenigsegg Gemera review!
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  • 24:56 not my definition of "perfectly fits" but well, Doug has to make sure Koenigsegg won't forget him when the car will be a running one :D

    MeldonatorMeldonator47 minuter sedan
  • for context. the Bugatti Chiron's W16 produces a whole 200hp less than the Gemera. That's right, this car has more horsepower than the one that hit 300mph.

    Rahul RavishankarRahul RavishankarTimme sedan
  • No, no! I won't be able to go to most inner city garages with that. That small window gap, will not allow to reach out for the parking ticket vendor with your arm, also for the passport control between Croatia and Serbia. Also the sensors will not help getting out of the car, when you park in a garage with low ceilings...

    Michelangelo's PizzeriaMichelangelo's Pizzeria2 timmar sedan
  • what if the camera mirror fails tho lol

    Theo ChambersTheo Chambers2 timmar sedan
  • I'm sorry Doug, but those shots with the finger pointing look like they are made for... retarded people.

    Xaoc XaocXaoc Xaoc7 timmar sedan
  • 0:14 Ferrari Roma vibes

    Gaurav MhatreGaurav Mhatre10 timmar sedan
  • This is the most beautiful car ever created. Nothing compares and nothing with EVER even come close.. this is for the Ultra Wealthy. Case closed

    AllanteA4AllanteA414 timmar sedan
  • Doug is really a Car salesman lol! I can't help but like him. 1.9 seconds?! I predict alot of soccer mom's rear ending drivers.

    Matthew WoodMatthew Wood14 timmar sedan
  • I dunno. 600hp is a lot for a 3 cylinder to be making without having some kind of excessive wear from the compression. There’s no way that engine reaches 100,000 miles without a rebuild.

    Tawer ZadokTawer Zadok16 timmar sedan
  • Tesla Model 3 Plaid can do that at a fraction of the cost. With some of the money saved I could buy a grizzly bear's asshole on a roller-skate.😀

    TheFarmanimalfriendTheFarmanimalfriend17 timmar sedan
  • 0-60 in 1.9 seconds + 8 cupholders. What could go wrong?

    Bill BixbyBill Bixby17 timmar sedan
  • also he forgot to mention you will also be able to fill the car up with hydrogen instead of petrol which is good because it is renewable energy just like electric car but you can fill it up faster

    Marian PopikMarian Popik19 timmar sedan
  • 5:54 its not Koenigsegg, its Koenigsegg’s Californian cousin!

    Coleman BishopColeman Bishop19 timmar sedan
  • Where's the fire extinguisher?

    Jon BrownJon Brown20 timmar sedan
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    Laura LoveLaura Love22 timmar sedan
  • 3525 Nm Laughs in *cry* 😂😭

    Patrick PehPatrick Peh23 timmar sedan
  • V8 engines are dead for sure.

    Neal The Real DealNeal The Real Deal23 timmar sedan
  • কোনদিন কিনতে পারব না জেনেও ভিডিওটা দেখছি। Love you bro . Love from Bangladesh 💙❤️💝

    niloy sahaniloy sahaDag sedan
  • This is VEEERY concept, I can see the direction but the production seems to miss the mark in many ways. It seems so concept that they aren't capturing any personality..there isn't an identity no voice or solid realism its 100 percent fiction...based on this model they're either VERY far from final product or way too close to fiction

    Matthew GarciaMatthew GarciaDag sedan
  • ive been watching doug for 2 weeks now.. gotta love him..

    NY&NJ RailfanNY&NJ RailfanDag sedan
  • To think this shares the essence of a geo metro behind those pipes. Lol

    Mr Danny LaneMr Danny LaneDag sedan
  • If it ever flips over everyone will be trapped.

    Iron AngelesIron AngelesDag sedan
  • If i ever get rich, and i mean big buck rich... this is going to be my family car.

    Bertan AtesBertan AtesDag sedan
  • Gemera= Ge mera= [ge=give] [mera=more] so it means simply : give more :)

    A SHA SHDag sedan
  • Who is this for if you can afford this you can just fly them on a helicopter

    ?Alpha Centaurí??Alpha Centaurí?Dag sedan
  • I gonna buy one.

    Daniël LearbuchDaniël LearbuchDag sedan
  • Oh ya, this is what we need another fast car with an 18 yr old driving it. The need for speed is over we have speed limits, this car should not be street legal. You build a car like this take it to the autobahn in Germany and drive like hell. Woopie.

    George STEWARTGeorge STEWARTDag sedan
    • Last time I checked I don’t think most 18 year olds can afford a car with a purchase price of more than what most of us make in a year. Maybe some ultra-privileged hedge fund babies, sure, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a Koenigsegg in public driven by someone, let alone a teenager, especially here in SoCal where he filmed the darn thing.

      The Onyx ViperThe Onyx ViperDag sedan
  • That thing is ugly. What a way to waste money

    Robert NelsonRobert NelsonDag sedan
  • Something tells me they sold the car before they could figure out how to make it work

    Mpho MagingxaMpho MagingxaDag sedan
  • Жаль нет Русских субтитров

    Снято на телефонСнято на телефонDag sedan
  • "Me sized person" that a random Christian Von Koenigsegg cameo?

    Phil KwokPhil Kwok2 dagar sedan
  • You gotta review my 2004 Honda Accord

    Michael SMichael S2 dagar sedan
  • My new dream car. This is a true all-rounder.

    Manas DeshpandeManas Deshpande2 dagar sedan
  • That security camera is straight outta the future, so simple yet so brilliant.

    AJAJ2 dagar sedan
  • How do I buy it?

    Kashif RobinsonKashif Robinson2 dagar sedan
  • I love the joel embiid shirt

    Clay BurkeClay Burke2 dagar sedan
  • Watching this video pretty late, but I actually think the 0 to 100 fan speed meter is a great idea from an engineering standpoint. The way cars set the fan speed is with a fan (blower motor) and a resistor (blower motor resistor), so when you have max speed there is 0 resistance and the lower you set the speed, the car sends through more electrical resistance to slow the fan down. Seems very simple to integrate a 0 to 100 scale and in theory should have more longevity than a fan with a handful of speed settings.

    Auto OctaveAuto Octave2 dagar sedan
  • The gauge cluster is stuped when its down there while ur turning ull have to get ur eyes of the road to check ur gauge cluster

    Haytham AltheebHaytham Altheeb2 dagar sedan
  • How do you get out of this thing if, say... you're an idiot and tried to use all 1,700 bhp, rolled the thing onto its roof and are now trapped inside because of the scissor doors? I guess that's what the glass breaking tool is for... Also, that stupid screen attached to the wheel, if you're turning the wheel, why make it more difficult to locate the gauge cluster by making it move around with the wheel?

    Ser Garlan TyrellSer Garlan Tyrell2 dagar sedan
  • The rear passenger screens are awesome. That's gonna keep the backseat passengers busy. Reminds me of in-flight entertainment systems.

    S1500S15002 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one wondering how you get out this car if you drive into a lake with you 1700 horses and 2 kids, because I don't know about you but i don't fit thru that window

    Bram HuysBram Huys2 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a Porsche that boy hard tho 🔥🔥🔥

    YsnMillzYsnMillz2 dagar sedan
  • I think doug is using an iphone 12 to shoot these.... smh comeon dude upgrade to a decent camera eh?

    Bitmap FrogsBitmap Frogs2 dagar sedan
  • i like the car but 1 door for 4 sits mmmmmm no thanks

    Nico HolaNico Hola2 dagar sedan
  • This car is extremely cool and innovative

    Jean C TaverasJean C Taveras2 dagar sedan
  • This guy's had WAY too much caffeine.

    Bill HowardBill Howard2 dagar sedan
  • I'd be more concerned about stopping it..

    Dermot McGlincheyDermot McGlinchey3 dagar sedan
  • I want one!!!

    Daniel ScotcherDaniel Scotcher3 dagar sedan
  • 4:25 the hatch moved a fuzz!!

    Cnc N MoreCnc N More3 dagar sedan
  • It seems like Christian was really keen to make a Koenigsegg be in the lead of all Dougs scores

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 dagar sedan
  • The seats look like they've taken inspiration from Ryanair!

    Rob McMahonRob McMahon3 dagar sedan
  • Tesla faster😎

    UrExLovesMehUrExLovesMeh3 dagar sedan
  • Love somach

    Bora BtbBora Btb3 dagar sedan
  • The size of the bezels on all those screens would drive me nuts considering how much detail is put into the design of everything else.

    David CassidyDavid Cassidy3 dagar sedan
    • Supra

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 dagar sedan
  • Based on spec it has 15kWh battery which can discharge at 900kW (something is still missing though ... as 900kW + 600hp = 1800hp) So 15000 * 3600 / 900000 = 60seconds I guess that's just enough for a 0-250mph run, and then limp home mode. It's an interesting setup, but most likely not a track car anyhow.

    goguhugoguhu3 dagar sedan
  • Koenigsegg Gamera...World's first 4 seater hyper car......wowowowowow

    ANIRUDH V SANIRUDH V S3 dagar sedan
  • Big fan of Koenigsegg, but man that's an ugly duckling.

    goguhugoguhu3 dagar sedan
  • Can't 4 seat ever be 4 People and not a " family"

    Kevin JamesKevin James3 dagar sedan
  • What does the horn sound like? 🤔

    Roadside TableRoadside Table3 dagar sedan
  • Thhhhhhhis ...... 😎

    modirecobamodirecoba3 dagar sedan
  • It’s a transformer

    Prince BlaccblazePrince Blaccblaze3 dagar sedan
  • Are all Koenigsegg employees bald like the CEO?

    LaHamadaLaHamada3 dagar sedan
  • It's not a sedan, it's a coupe. A coup of a coupe.

    Conspicuous Live MediaConspicuous Live Media3 dagar sedan
  • my lottery win car....

  • My friends wouldn't fit, they are 6.5ft ,why would you put your fam in a death trap?

    Tylor GaudentiTylor Gaudenti4 dagar sedan
  • Fun review! A note for the production guy: FYI, there are post-production tools to eliminate reverb audio, like magic. I like iZotope RX.

    Jay the ExplorerJay the Explorer4 dagar sedan
  • Will the production model have child seat anchors?

    DanielDaniel4 dagar sedan
  • Supra

    Mf whomstve?Mf whomstve?4 dagar sedan
  • Dirty knees....wonder why doug?😁

    Justin GravelleJustin Gravelle4 dagar sedan
  • Koenigsegg is the Swedish version of Dodge SRT

    THET3NTHET3N4 dagar sedan
  • 6:01 that was awkward a/f.

    simon lloydsimon lloyd4 dagar sedan
    • This car has more seats than engine cylinders

      Rock girlRock girl4 dagar sedan
  • amazing tech etc, but I think we will really hit new heights when supercars start being pretty..and not absolutely massive.

    simon lloydsimon lloyd4 dagar sedan
    • 2022 THIIIS is the new Koenigsegg Station wagon with 3400 hp😂😂

      Rock girlRock girl4 dagar sedan
  • Ha ha dirty knees Doug doing his usual focusing on dumb shite while stating obviously predictable nonsense all the time getting unusually over excited about button placement! Please bring jeremy clarkson back to educate poor old dirty knees!

    Superchunk100macmufie frankSuperchunk100macmufie frank4 dagar sedan
  • Sound?

    Ferenc FajkuszFerenc Fajkusz4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine pulling up to soccer practice in that

    MicrowavedFood 009MicrowavedFood 0094 dagar sedan
  • Damn, it's ugly

    LifeIsShort SoHaveFunLifeIsShort SoHaveFun5 dagar sedan
  • I ask all superficial, frivolous and illiterate "commentators", at least in this case, to close their senseless broadcasters and respect this masterpiece of technical knowledge and technologies that the auto industry did not know before. I piloted the Kenigsegg Agera, I did not have a chance to drive the Regera and One 1 models unfortunately. This I suppose is the latest of them and the most fantastic and at the same time really existing. The last, I think, because the world is on the verge of committing the greatest mistake in history - the transition to the production of purely electric vehicles. This will not bypass all well-known brands and, unfortunately, apparently Koenigsegg also ... I congratulate you all, ambitious men. Soon, by the age of 30-35, all of you will be riding on "washing machines on wheels" So take off your hat to directors, designers, technologists and designers of this MIRACLE !!

    Levi ElishaLevi Elisha5 dagar sedan
  • Frotn design is ok. Rear design looks to Porsche Caymanish to me.

    Florian WalterFlorian Walter5 dagar sedan
  • Bro im high asf and doug straightup makes hella funny movements from this part :30

    Comments NiceComments Nice5 dagar sedan
  • Dayum Looks great but if I'm imagining to own one I see many problems

    Deivid BernadickasDeivid Bernadickas5 dagar sedan
  • This can also run off of jet fuel! Assuming you can get your hands on some! I also believe it ran off of some weird gas from volcanos..

    Allen AnallaAllen Analla5 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I want 1700 HP with new born in the back!! Lmfao lmfao I dont have newborns but still.. Either way if I was rich I'd buy this car!! Been following this car since last year at the car shows. Its super awesome!

    Allen AnallaAllen Analla5 dagar sedan
  • That yellow interior is kinda blinding ngl

    ZippYZippY5 dagar sedan
    • it is not enough that u wanna die at 500km/hr but do u gotta take ur family with u?🤦‍♂️

      Rock girlRock girl5 dagar sedan
  • Saw this car today at exotics and caffeine in charlotte nc today!

    ScorpiusHDScorpiusHD5 dagar sedan
  • 2022 THIIIS is the new Koenigsegg Station wagon with 3400 hp😂😂

    Γ. Π.Γ. Π.5 dagar sedan
  • This car has more seats than engine cylinders

    berrRBLXberrRBLX5 dagar sedan
  • Look at the quality form inside, its terrible. No attention to details at all.

    Ashot MachitarianAshot Machitarian6 dagar sedan
  • **Tesla model s 'ludicrous edition' left the chat**

    cian mckeaneycian mckeaney6 dagar sedan
  • Let’s put the luggage in the trunk as the car breaths on my face lmaooo

    Heyy It's KT!Heyy It's KT!6 dagar sedan
  • If they also make an EV version of this it would be absolute

    Heyy It's KT!Heyy It's KT!6 dagar sedan
  • The amount of rich people that are gonna get this over a lot of other HyperCars is gonna be absolutely insane

    Heyy It's KT!Heyy It's KT!6 dagar sedan
  • love the little swedish flag embroidered in the seat 😹

    Lil RinoLil Rino6 dagar sedan
  • i’m pretty sure if your dad has a belly wouldn’t be that comfortable sitting back there

    Arthur GaliyevArthur Galiyev6 dagar sedan
  • Die Kiste sieht von aussen Hammer aus 👍🏻 ich finde auch das Grau ganz geil. Die Werte sind natürlich krass... 3500Nm und 1,9Sek.... aber das Cockpit geht gar nicht 🙈 Das "Smartphone" am Lenkrad sieht ja wohl total 💩 aus. Wenn die Anzeige wenigstens konsequent waagerecht bliebe. Aber dieses leichte Schaukeln sieht unschön aus. Ich versteh auch den Sinn von dem Cockpit am Lenkrad nicht 🤷🏻‍♂️ so muss man beim Lenken ja ganz den Blick von der Straße nehmen, wenn man kurz unters Lenkrad schauen muss. Und dieser "Orb"... WTF? 🤣 Sieht aus wie ein Gimmick von Wish.

    Speed PunkSpeed Punk6 dagar sedan
  • All those non-integrated rectangular screens sure make the interior look more like a cheap kit car than a Koenigsegg hypercar

    NahNah6 dagar sedan
  • Yeah it sure does look comfortable and easy to get into doesn't it

    Rafu FalckRafu Falck6 dagar sedan
  • One of the most beautiful cars ever made.

    Mark ShazMark Shaz6 dagar sedan
  • No excuse to be late for work and getting kids to school now then 😂

    asioe kiouasioe kiou6 dagar sedan
  • it is not enough that u wanna die at 500km/hr but do u gotta take ur family with u?🤦‍♂️

    michael yimermichael yimer6 dagar sedan
  • seems like a reasonable family car let me ask my wife if I can get one. 1700 hp is just about right for a family in my opinion.

    MrChris7582MrChris75826 dagar sedan