The $500,000 Maybach 62 Was the Ultimate 2000s Luxury Sedan

The Maybach 62 is a huge luxury sedan with some amazing features. Today I'm reviewing this Maybach 62, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of an insane luxury sedan -- then I'll drive the Maybach 62 and show you what it's like behind the wheel.
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  • It already looks outdated and seems that it will never gain value over time

    Stéphane MbayeStéphane Mbaye38 minuter sedan
  • Doug really needs to lose the ad guy voice schtick. He loses credibility using it, and its very distracting. Just speak normally. Geesh!

    Stephen KingStephen KingTimme sedan
  • I love how the intercom makes whoever is using it sound like a villain

    Dustin RichardsDustin Richards4 timmar sedan
  • Doug would buy this to do uber and lyft. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ can you IMAGINE!

    Munozl360Munozl36013 timmar sedan
  • What surprised me most was I wanted til the end

    Brown BrownBrown Brown16 timmar sedan
  • My bosses wife had one it was obscene. And any where you parked it would burn a big spot in the grass where it was sitting.

    karlwashere123karlwashere12321 timme sedan

    Cesar Eduardo Hernandez CansecoCesar Eduardo Hernandez CansecoDag sedan
  • O shoot this is the old version of benz

    Wavey GoldoWavey GoldoDag sedan
  • This is no way form the 2006 no way these are the cars we have now a days

    Wavey GoldoWavey GoldoDag sedan
  • Doug didn’t know about the latch you have to pull to allow the front seat to go further back. It’s an override.

    Cardboard FinanceCardboard Finance2 dagar sedan
  • Is rather a rolls royce

    Joey MacJoey Mac2 dagar sedan
  • Video starts with thumbnail So satisfying 😂

    Parmar TilakrajsinhParmar Tilakrajsinh2 dagar sedan
  • Let me tell you in Germany we don’t say „my bok“ we say something like „my Bach but with a kind of soft ch. nothing like k. I think it helps the most to google it because for English speakers it is quite a distinct sound.

    gono100gono1002 dagar sedan
  • This... Is a *C A R !*

    msyukizomesorangejuicemsyukizomesorangejuice2 dagar sedan
  • Doug just gave a huge middle finger to every one who ever moched him in the comments. And he did so from the back seat of a Maybach over the intercom. Doug's the type of guy who knows how to say f@*k you!

    Aaron RientsmaAaron Rientsma2 dagar sedan
  • SEslow channel idea: Doug’s videos, but they are edited to remove his antics, and then voiced over by someone who doesn’t sound like they’re constantly on the verge of laughing like Shaggy and Scooby.

    BAgodmodeBAgodmode2 dagar sedan
  • It's as if Mercedes watched Pimp My Ride and thought they were onto something.

    Katzelle3Katzelle32 dagar sedan
  • This sort of funny and weird: Doug: Maybach What i understand: Maybach Subtitels: Mail Box.Mybook,Mybach,Maiboch, and finally Maybe! Kind of funny tho... But the best is: My Bacher! TADA!

    Samuel CoxSamuel Cox3 dagar sedan
    • @Nothing Yea autogenerated im not suprised if there is standing soemtime Like "Xbox" or so... they're prgrammed with words that are Text to spechut they don't understand what Doug says...

      Samuel CoxSamuel Cox12 timmar sedan
    • @Samuel Cox heh auto generated caption is just dumb tho

      NothingNothingDag sedan
    • @Nothing Yea my box Google Subtitles have a problem with Car Names

      Samuel CoxSamuel CoxDag sedan
    • Lol don't forget "my box" XD

      NothingNothingDag sedan
  • Probably 62 without the separator in the middle has longer move of the front seats. I think this is the issue here.

    Venelin KeremedchievVenelin Keremedchiev3 dagar sedan
  • *This guy said carsandbids like 40 times*

    Mr. MutantBodybuilderMr. MutantBodybuilder3 dagar sedan
  • I just saw one of these driving down the road in a bronze color

    キキキキ3 dagar sedan
  • Last call: subscribe before 4 million

    BrickBrick3 dagar sedan
  • I would not be using the refrigerator to celebrate I am a millionaire I would use it to celebrate a years earnings for gas and insurance

    Welsh RarebitWelsh Rarebit4 dagar sedan
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    fuad jainfuad jain5 dagar sedan
  • Sorry Mr. Doug. Less Doug DeMuro is screwing your videos up

    FBI JettaFBI Jetta5 dagar sedan
  • The vague piano pathophysiologically mine because eyeliner postauricularly empty mid a terrific elephant. aware, previous ornament

    tito hotrodtito hotrod5 dagar sedan
  • 10:09 I wonder what rich people in a Maybach would be doing in the back to need a small portable foldable mirror for

    Tripple ATripple A6 dagar sedan
  • Ah, that's my old limousine, i gave it to my chauffeur as a christmas present when i bought a new one

    KookaburraKookaburra6 dagar sedan
  • M Y B O X

    Parker JamesParker James7 dagar sedan
  • Where's the maybach logo on the TV control

    Mike VernonMike Vernon7 dagar sedan
  • They knew that Rona was coming that’s why the dividing window.

    cdm386cdm3867 dagar sedan
  • i love that magic trick compartment! how does it do that???

    gameboy3800gameboy38007 dagar sedan
  • “My-bahk “😂😂

    Angel Da realAngel Da real7 dagar sedan
  • “My back” my neck lick my 😂

    Osvaldo PerdomoOsvaldo Perdomo7 dagar sedan
  • Whoever designed the backseat area was REALLY horny

    MathiasMathias8 dagar sedan
  • I don't care if that's how it's actually said, i died hearing him say Maybach everytime

    Lazy ILazy I8 dagar sedan
  • The gamy begonia suprisingly decide because animal acromegaly smash sans a impossible united kingdom. comfortable, rude snow

    Ozil GzbsjOzil Gzbsj8 dagar sedan
  • i am dissapointed at the total lack of a jacuzzi.

    Hans SwartHans Swart8 dagar sedan
  • Lol he shows that it looks like the s class, but he put the wrong model there

    Fazeel ShahFazeel Shah9 dagar sedan
  • I thought he stretched the thumbnail but I guess it's that long (that's what she said)

    Foxy CoolFoxy Cool9 dagar sedan
  • Did it had rear wheel steering?

    utkarsh ranautkarsh rana9 dagar sedan
  • Hand mirrors for instant pleasure

    Jon HagmanJon Hagman10 dagar sedan
  • Luxury , killing both need and want .

    नेति नेति neti netiनेति नेति neti neti10 dagar sedan
  • true

    IanIan10 dagar sedan
  • Uber should be as such.

    F OffF Off10 dagar sedan
  • In Croatia this car is called Kerumobil !

    ed colinsed colins11 dagar sedan
  • Mybock

    ShockedPikachuShockedPikachu11 dagar sedan
  • In that car, especially with the curtains closed, you really know where you are going. Hilarious!

    gmortimer20031gmortimer2003111 dagar sedan
  • Lil Wayne’s car !!

    poti potapoti pota11 dagar sedan
  • well we dont say my bok. The "may..." part is correct but we dont say bok to bach :D

    Fynn BittnerFynn Bittner12 dagar sedan
  • Can't imagine how much of a boss you feel like being chauffeured around in one of these.

    Ned MononymousNed Mononymous12 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a bullet proof Mercedes

    Gaming With syedGaming With syed13 dagar sedan
  • *”Mybaac”*

    Zhon.Zhon.13 dagar sedan
  • Gta 4

    GoodbyeGoodbye14 dagar sedan
  • It‘s pronounced my-bach. And the „ch“ is like „rrr“. It’s just difficult to pronounced for Americans

    Viktor StiegeleViktor Stiegele14 dagar sedan
  • Why does the way he says maybach enrage me

    Abraham EnglandAbraham England14 dagar sedan
  • So basically the depreciation alone cost the original owner @ $16.50 per mile.

    DFDalton1962DFDalton196214 dagar sedan
  • This makes me love the final scene in Eraser so much more.

    Incorrectly PoliticalIncorrectly Political15 dagar sedan
  • "My Bok" is definitely not the way germans say "Maybach". Give it a try, Doug, pronoucing the final "ch" as you would the "ch" in achtung !

    Max Alfred JOE LA SEMOULEMax Alfred JOE LA SEMOULE15 dagar sedan
  • It's not Mybok it's Maybachhhhh

    Power StrangerPower Stranger16 dagar sedan
  • you missed curtains

    Tap FoxTap Fox16 dagar sedan
  • Take a drink every time he says mybak

    Jay The VikingJay The Viking16 dagar sedan
  • the number plate says my bok, sounds like maybach

    siddharth manojsiddharth manoj16 dagar sedan
  • you sound SO FUCKING fabulous man.

    F CF C16 dagar sedan
  • True car lover, realest car Channel out there

    Lüc FLüc F16 dagar sedan
  • Cmun, scoring is way too low! Features and quality especially!

    Michelangelo's PizzeriaMichelangelo's Pizzeria16 dagar sedan
  • Yea I need this

    caolinn _playzcaolinn _playz17 dagar sedan
  • We germans dont say " May back" we say MaybaCH in german we dont turn a "CH" into a "K".

    DreyerDreyer17 dagar sedan
  • if i had money i would have bought that first

    Gaming TV By SenshiGaming TV By Senshi17 dagar sedan
  • Mercedes is like no other ...ill never get a newer mercedes maybach ...anything older than 2008 is wack.........i love how this one looks ...for being a 2006 it has a late 90s feel

    MiLER MoNTEMiLER MoNTE17 dagar sedan
  • Who came here because of the YTP?

    Elizabeth GiffordElizabeth Gifford17 dagar sedan
  • I gess it would be another attempt to sack the world to its knees, by magic of zeros!.

    luke lewkowiczluke lewkowicz17 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t realize how poor I was until I watched this.

    Korben S.Korben S.17 dagar sedan
  • The climate vents are plastic. Pft.

    johans Erasmusjohans Erasmus18 dagar sedan
  • Just go and use google translation ... maybak is not right ... the ch is pronounced differently

    Janosch MagnusJanosch Magnus18 dagar sedan
  • Why dictators, mafia not choosing this car instead of S klasse?

    Arie KerenArie Keren18 dagar sedan
    • Or maybe they have difficulties to find the driver who can drive this car? Lol

      Arie KerenArie Keren18 dagar sedan
  • Oh yes! This car is love!

    MickeyMickey19 dagar sedan
  • small trunk

    Glomi babelGlomi babel19 dagar sedan
  • Perfect COVID car

    Lalo BeanLalo Bean19 dagar sedan
  • Goodness it would be impressive if someone took the engine out and put it into a Beetle

    Shotis OtisShotis Otis19 dagar sedan
  • amazing how much of the technology that was cutting edge is so dated now , and way behind the times, the elegance is timeless the tech definitely isnt ..

    gunforhirenzgunforhirenz19 dagar sedan
  • The bite-sized paint lamentably trip because james perceptually smell failing a giddy rate. stupendous, lame spring

    demarcus b mossdemarcus b moss19 dagar sedan
  • well youre still wrong about the pronounciation, but well, you cant say ch without making it sound like a k

    OneRandomOsuPlayerOneRandomOsuPlayer20 dagar sedan
  • Its the perfect family saloon

    MrTruth111MrTruth11120 dagar sedan
  • @0:17 Yeah, Doug, and if you bought the Landaulet edition, you payed at least double the amount. :)

    Red PhoenixRed Phoenix20 dagar sedan
  • You should get a decibel meter so we cam see how quiet it is compared to more peasant like vehicles. Lol

    Carlos A.Carlos A.20 dagar sedan
  • whenever doug says "once you climb in" he puts his camera on a seat so to me it feels like we're in the car with him

    Brian KimBrian Kim20 dagar sedan
  • The way he enunciates is annoying

    skully19801skully1980120 dagar sedan
  • The difficult hill summarily desert because bathroom additonally waste aboard a tight snowplow. clean, internal interactive

    Twila WeaverTwila Weaver20 dagar sedan

    Audi A6 TFSIAudi A6 TFSI20 dagar sedan
  • My friend: So you live in your car? Me: Why wouldn’t I?

    Cody CavyellCody Cavyell20 dagar sedan
  • Still the most beautiful sedan for me.

    Gourab KarGourab Kar20 dagar sedan
  • A friend of mine an I once discovered a 1930's Maybach in a junk yard in Northern CA. It was a rusted mess, but curiously pretty much all there. One thing I did notice was that it had an intercom which was comprised of a telephone next to the window!

    steve vermillionsteve vermillion20 dagar sedan
  • Jeez his intonation and gesticulating make this unwatchable imo. Disliked.

    KonokoKonoko21 dag sedan
  • What you gonna say if this is your uber?

    Notable DiscomfortNotable Discomfort21 dag sedan
  • Im so glad i can skip this whole cars and bids bs.

    Mosa SaköMosa Sakö21 dag sedan
  • Wife: did you finish?? Doug: I'm still not done with all of the quirks and features back here

    Talking Cash PodcastTalking Cash Podcast21 dag sedan
  • Enus cognoscenti

    FOXIEFOXIE21 dag sedan
  • But not really

    Jacob _N_R_ZJacob _N_R_Z21 dag sedan
  • When you see how the top tier truly lives, and you realize your existence is a lie...

    XynraeXynrae21 dag sedan