The 2021 Ferrari Roma Is Ferrari’s New $250,000 Entry-Level Coupe

The Ferrari Roma is Ferrari's new "entry-level" coupe. Today I'm reviewing the Roma to check out the latest Ferrari, with the latest Ferrari technology. I'll show you all the ins and outs of the Roma, and then I'll drive the 2021 Ferrari Roma to show you what it's like on the road.
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Ladda ner



  • I know this will be horrendously broken with all those screens but man do I want it

    Br MoBr Mo12 timmar sedan
  • Damn if you got hit by one of these it would cut you off at the knee

    Br MoBr Mo12 timmar sedan
  • anyone think this looks like the db10

    Jaewon ChaJaewon Cha12 timmar sedan
  • “Entry” level

    Anime TiddiesAnime Tiddies15 timmar sedan
  • Looks like a DB11!

    Lee StraightLee Straight19 timmar sedan
  • So many boomers bitching about the inevitable progress of cars. I really don’t understand the complaints since in a few years, all cars will be electrified and fully autonomous shortly thereafter.

    RagibRagib2 dagar sedan
  • thats supra’s dad

    Immanuel HerreraImmanuel Herrera2 dagar sedan
  • Ferrari's service department 🤫😉😏😏😂!!

    Cornell MillerCornell Miller2 dagar sedan
  • That is the most beautiful entry level car I've ever seen.

    Jon AllenJon Allen2 dagar sedan
  • im guessing if they sell the ferrari screwdriver, like every overpriced thing ferrari sells, the screwdriver from msrp is prolly $200

    Adrien MichaelAdrien Michael2 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one annoyed that Doug doesn’t seem to know how to use a towel to wipe down the interior or maybe use a vacuum before he does these reviews? Seriously, wipe off the dust and vacuum the dirt off the floor, your just being lazy when you show off a dirty car interior.

    agracer1000agracer10003 dagar sedan
  • Am I becoming an old man, or does anyone else loathe this obsession with screens? I thought the big nav screens were too much, but this is getting to the point of madness. I don't understand if people actually like this crap or automakers are just doing whatever seems on trend so they don't fall behind.

    A SimpletonA Simpleton3 dagar sedan
  • Doug, at 20:45 you said what I was thinking the whole just doesn’t make you think, Ferrari. Too many electronics and lousy looking all around. The Romans would have agreed!

    JBags72JBags723 dagar sedan
  • why does it look so outdated on the outside

    Leonardo BacigalupeLeonardo Bacigalupe3 dagar sedan
  • Doug when are you going to review the ferrari sf90?

    james kpokoujames kpokou4 dagar sedan
  • Pass

    S GillS Gill4 dagar sedan
  • Awful interior design aside, imagine speccing a $200k+ car with a depressing all-black interior.

    Keaton BellistonKeaton Belliston4 dagar sedan
  • This entire car could be summed up in one sentence. "If it ain't broke. Don't fix it."

    Bryce CampbellBryce Campbell5 dagar sedan
  • All these screens instead of buttons are going to look horribly dated in a hot second. They are dumb AF because you can't grope your way to them without looking at them. Fail, fail. Also, even Ford has a smarter door unlock logic! Single press, open driver's door. Second press, open passenger door. The THIRD press should open the hatch. I'm sure this thing is a joy to flog but Ferrari continues to be terrible at the day to day

    Martin EspinozaMartin Espinoza5 dagar sedan
  • the ugliest steering wheel of any Ferrari.

    SHURASHURA5 dagar sedan
  • Buttons are nightmare.

    Sirius SpicaSirius Spica5 dagar sedan
  • First ugly ferari.

    Sirius SpicaSirius Spica5 dagar sedan
  • Italian electronics what could go wrong. This thing is awful. I can see the depreciation being the worst of any Ferrari ever besides the 348.

    pegcity4evapegcity4eva5 dagar sedan
  • A mimic of a Maserati GTS but better and still not worth the price

    SizzFizzSizzFizz5 dagar sedan
  • Still just watched half of the video, but this pre F355, overly childishly electric, "c-class" looking car will be forgotten faster than a YUGO or the Trabant! :-)

    Gabe2580Gabe25805 dagar sedan
  • I guess back seats for child or child safety seats only, not for adults.

    Bora BilgicBora Bilgic6 dagar sedan
  • "Entry Level" ... LMAO .... *cries on my bank managers shoulder*

    hieroglyph321hieroglyph3216 dagar sedan
  • Bruh anybody else think Doug is biased when it comes to Ferrari? You can tell by that childish grin lmao (and the scoring ofc)

    BladewizzBladewizz6 dagar sedan
  • I like this a lot

    m Herom Hero6 dagar sedan
  • The brand should be ashamed about all those cheap hard plastics in that interior. Deeply ashamed.

    David D.S.David D.S.6 dagar sedan
  • Somewhat reminescent of first gen Z4.

    Stefan KosticStefan Kostic6 dagar sedan
  • the cheaper 2021 f-type r seems like such a better option lol also sounds way better

    ZânzarZânzar6 dagar sedan
  • 250k in 2021 and the GaugeCluster Monitor is lagging. Is this really a big technical challenge to make it fluent like on 3k bucks Laptop???

    19Pol8519Pol857 dagar sedan
  • That's one hot tomato!

    Ryan McNairRyan McNair7 dagar sedan
  • Doug did a Bugatti Chiron review, "Here's why the Bugatti Chiron is Worth $3 million" And around the 16:45 mark in that video he says: that Bugatti specifically didn't go for screens and displays, as they felt it would "date" and "age" the car badly and quickly make it feel old.. Ferrari should probably listen to that a little more.

    AstroSteveAstroSteve7 dagar sedan
  • Ferrari: trying to keep controls on the steering wheel, to keep the driver engaged in driving. And drive safely. Also Ferrari; turns most of the controls into non-tactile screen buttons, so you HAVE to look where and what you're pressing and can't just feel for a button. disengaging you from driving and drive in an unsafe way.... it's a problem for most cars these days.. trying to reinvent the wheel with controls and screens. And then even multiple screens?... a whole separate thing for the mirrors?I haven't touched my mirrors in the 2 years that I have my car. Keep the button, or move it to the centre control screen, you never use it anyway.. but the airconditioning? seat heating? something you might use daily.. no no.. that can't be a button or it's own separate thing.. And what the hell is going on on the gauge cluster display, when Doug flicks through the different modes.. and touches the centre touch screen.. even the first generation iPad as smoother controls. It very very VERY quickly dates a car and makes it feel old.

    AstroSteveAstroSteve8 dagar sedan

    BILL WYNNEBILL WYNNE8 dagar sedan
  • Nice review, nice car but the styling definitely looks similar to a Aston Martin or the Jaguar F type.

    timothy wilsontimothy wilson8 dagar sedan
  • We need Doug DeMuro to be Guiness´ Record awarded for car review. He is the only one in the world with car review.

    DAdriano Afonso UkwahambaDAdriano Afonso Ukwahamba8 dagar sedan
  • Arguably the best looking ferrari in recent years imo

    hurrdurrhurrdurr8 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who wondered what is? Probably the company that the car's owner owns... Also liked the cheeky advertising that it must get just by curious people taking a glance at the car. Must be doing great for him/herself if they have the bucks for a Ferrari that will not hold its value in the years to come Edit: Found out it's a store that's probably specializing in CBD products for every ailment one might have, go take a look for yourselves!

    Pedro FernandesPedro Fernandes9 dagar sedan
  • More expensive than an entry level house.

    plumbandsquare1plumbandsquare19 dagar sedan
  • Doug the type of guy to call his first child a «entry-level»

    Olekk ‘Olekk ‘9 dagar sedan
  • Well, it looks good, but that interior... I've seen cheap Fiats with more solid looking interiors and controls. And of course, touchscreens everywhere, even on vital controls that you'll want to operate while driving.

    Mats NylundMats Nylund9 dagar sedan
  • If they want a 2X press for the trunk that's still possible with a single button. The Renault Clio used have a key with a single button (they may still have) and it was by far the best key I've used. Press to close; press to open. Most cars fold the mirrors and flash the lights twice anyway, so it's easy to know if the car is closed are open. And if they really wanted they could always include an LED that is green for open presses and red for closed. Two, three and four buttons is unnecessary and inelegant.

    savedfavessavedfaves9 dagar sedan
  • Too many touchpad, fingerprint everywhere, needs glove!

    Osean FallacyOsean Fallacy10 dagar sedan
  • 1. The Car? $250,000 2. The Touchscreen? $50 3. Buying a car more expensive than a house only to crash because of cheap Chinese electronics? Priceless.

    Andrew PaninAndrew Panin10 dagar sedan
  • why on earth do i need so many control switches and dials on the poor steering wheel??? :(

    glg210glg21010 dagar sedan
  • For 250 grand a great value and buy if you want an entry level Ferrari, all the gizmo's and do dads are a little too much but it's the way of the future unfortunately, I like big 6 pack instruments on planes too though.. A nice ride if your into it. Not my cup of tea, 250 grand with no options ain't the car your sitting in, your in a 75 grand of options car bro..

    Malamute AerospaceMalamute Aerospace10 dagar sedan
  • Dumbest shifter ever! 😑

    Mac BlazinMac Blazin11 dagar sedan
  • Very nice F type

    Manuel P.Manuel P.11 dagar sedan
  • It looks like it has a bmw engine in it Its a supra joke...😅😅

    Sephian CarterSephian Carter11 dagar sedan
  • Esse é o comentário Br q vc procurava

    Joseevil. FFJoseevil. FF11 dagar sedan
  • Pity on all these people in the comments who can't afford this car ! 😆😆😆😆,

    common mancommon man11 dagar sedan
  • It’s 2021 they still can’t put in a proper responsive touchscreen lol

    HX TengHX Teng12 dagar sedan
  • Really? An iPad Pro size screen is small? That’s bigger than 75% of cars out there

    Robert Andrew SinclairRobert Andrew Sinclair12 dagar sedan
  • 2:42 Romo????

    Robert Andrew SinclairRobert Andrew Sinclair12 dagar sedan
  • The rear seats look like the rear bench seats of a police car

    Mitchell RobinsonMitchell Robinson12 dagar sedan
  • The only thing I like about this car is the side profile.

    ATS599ATS59912 dagar sedan
  • This era of cars, where every manufacturer tries reinventing the interior by removing all buttons and dials with complicated screens, is maddening and will not age well. I look forward to 5 or 10 years from now when car makers will have learned what a mistake doing this was and they return to a few buttons and dials.

    ATS599ATS59912 dagar sedan
  • “Not Ferrari’ish enough”. Spitting image of modern Daytona. Was that a Ferrari? I forget.

    Lama 67Lama 6712 dagar sedan
  • Protip for canyon and touge drivers: google maps on desktop is a very powerful tool for mapping drives. You have to be considerate of some things, such as turning off GMaps automatically selecting alternative routes, but you can put up to 10 waypoints, though, then send it to your phone. Only particularly useful if you use a phone mount or Android Auto. You can use GMap on your phone to do the same thing, but it's cumbersome and takes 3x as long.

    Isaac CadyIsaac Cady13 dagar sedan
  • 10 years from now this car will be known as one of the absolute worst and most unreliable high end cars of all time. what a disaster. all those screens.

    garbo strispsgarbo strisps13 dagar sedan
  • Apple Carplay is a $4300 option, LMAO (comes stock on a $20K Nissan Sentra)

    Poverty SpecPoverty Spec13 dagar sedan
  • It's hard to imagine any real Ferrari enthusiast being excited about that interior.

    D ClipperD Clipper13 dagar sedan
  • lmao i’ll take an f-type, thanks though

    PaldBenisPaldBenis13 dagar sedan
  • "Ferrari rroma,it's a steal"

    Andrei SzaboAndrei Szabo14 dagar sedan
  • Ferrari has lost its track. They are bringing too many models in a year in the market. Nobody gonna buy all of these. Maybe, some rich people buy SF90s for their collection. Ferrari should instead focus on SUV market, Lamborghini is selling the Urus more than any model they have right now. Although, I love the styling of the Roma but the electronics is just terrible.

    The Relaxing SoundsThe Relaxing Sounds14 dagar sedan
    • They crank out a lot of cars on their assembly lines these days. Overpriced assembly line cars.

      Poverty SpecPoverty Spec13 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Doug... your reviews get more and more professional! I liked this review. And I guess the car makers take your reviews more serious in future 😁😅

    Se GSe G14 dagar sedan
  • "Let's buy a Ferrari, just to drive on the weekends. Y'know, for fun." Me who can't afford a car, rent, or food: =(

    XynraeXynrae14 dagar sedan
  • *Touch screens.. I hate them from my whole heart*

    McHarambefaceMcHarambeface14 dagar sedan
  • Cars and bids.. where cars sell really well. The mclaren sold well.. "333,000 ONO" sold for 215,000 think the dude was unhappy with the price it sold?

    BurntFaceManBurntFaceMan15 dagar sedan
  • ferrari = fiat.

    Moisés CarvalhoMoisés Carvalho15 dagar sedan
  • Why does it look more like aston martin rather than ferraris

    Farhan ArviandyFarhan Arviandy15 dagar sedan
  • This digi screen trend is fucking awful.

    Nikolay K.Nikolay K.15 dagar sedan
  • What a ugly car and even uglier inside 👎

    Squirrel LoverSquirrel Lover15 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a Vantage. Looks good just not special.

    Adam RussellAdam Russell15 dagar sedan
  • How do I buy one of these steering wheels to put in my Ford Fusion?

    FortuitusVideoFortuitusVideo15 dagar sedan
  • I would think just making those back seats as a storage area would be a much better use of space

    B BB B16 dagar sedan
  • tthhaaaaaaaaaaIS!

    B BB B16 dagar sedan
  • One minute of silence for the door handles due to female nails and rings....

    adis adisadis adis16 dagar sedan
    • Think of it as the more scratches you see it means you are getting more P

      Poverty SpecPoverty Spec13 dagar sedan
  • There is no doubt it looks sleek, but for a techno advancement, their computers could've been so much better. The brake lights also leave much more to be desired. Tbh doesn't really say anything related to advancement to me.

    Vihaan KediaVihaan Kedia16 dagar sedan
  • they added that sound to counteract the fact that it is super slow when changing screens.

    General PurposeGeneral Purpose16 dagar sedan
  • Imagine paying $250k for your car and that being the infotainment system you were stuck with.

    NaviUpgradeNaviUpgrade16 dagar sedan
  • Doug when are you going to dress nicer

    Brayden HooperBrayden Hooper17 dagar sedan
  • Another ugly Ferrari.

    Michael DavidMichael David17 dagar sedan
  • Black interiors really ruin interiors.

    lilmoris1lilmoris117 dagar sedan
  • Portofino it’s faaar better

    Dumitru StreuleaDumitru Streulea18 dagar sedan
  • "Entry level Ferrari." "Entry" as in more than my whole house?

    ッAnimeTruenoッッAnimeTruenoッ18 dagar sedan
  • I’m with Chris Harris on this one, it’s a Maserati with a Ferrari badge , it should have been the replacement for the Maserati GranTurismo

    First Name Second NameFirst Name Second Name18 dagar sedan
  • The biggest and best paddle shifters ever.

    Jake GianinoJake Gianino18 dagar sedan
  • Start/Stop on a Ferrari?!! GTFOH

    Metal DadMetal Dad18 dagar sedan
  • From the side, cover the badges and I see a Mazda RX-9 Concept car that came to life.

    Jay JonesJay Jones18 dagar sedan
  • Shitty screen aside, this car's exterior design is beautiful. I really love the way it looks

    Ben BowlandBen Bowland19 dagar sedan
  • We can all agree that this car won’t age well at all.

    A IA I19 dagar sedan
  • this guy doesn't know nor understand anything about sport cars. Ferrari should not allow such people to drive or even approach its cars.

    Luca ViglianesiLuca Viglianesi19 dagar sedan
    • Shut up

      NoNo18 dagar sedan
  • it’s very beautiful. but i can already see how outdated the driver’s display will look in 5 years

    Akseli HillmanAkseli Hillman20 dagar sedan
  • The filthy face medicinally name because tsunami pathophysiologically cure versus a dizzy grandfather. harsh, acoustic giant

    ywmp asrywmp asr20 dagar sedan
  • The nonchalant condition supply form because sandwich approximately stamp than a meaty puma. violet, well-to-do brain

    ywmp asrywmp asr20 dagar sedan
  • The trunk like that makes it good for a fucking position

    Elias BastosElias Bastos20 dagar sedan