The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car

The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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  • ya but the public transportation was so good they didnt need cars

    Phillip WombacherPhillip Wombacher47 minuter sedan
  • Laugh all you want,but my daily driver is a 1978 Moskvich 2140.and you can add seat belts if you want,the mounts are there but hidden.and no I can't watch the whole video,it's just unbearable!

    Saiman LatinskiSaiman Latinski50 minuter sedan
  • Put it in H!

    Jonny GaltJonny GaltTimme sedan
  • they gave you an overdone first aid kit to compensate for the lack of seatbelts

    Crispy and SpicyCrispy and SpicyTimme sedan
  • this annoys me. u laugh like its comical. and lot's of the features makes sense

    SSH PhotosSSH Photos4 timmar sedan
  • 15:02 Thats not a cloth strap. Its lighting conductor

    RENEGADE CZRENEGADE CZ4 timmar sedan
  • It looks a lot better than the later version!

    Mark FMark F4 timmar sedan
  • Doug upping his personality setting from unpleasant to obnoxious, I doubt the spotty kid at school got much peace from Doug pointing out his spottiness. Yeah we get it, Eastern Europe built cars that were unfashionable and basic.

    John RutherfordJohn Rutherford5 timmar sedan
  • The most beautiful car, ever was made, right after is gaz 14. I hope that one day i will get to this car, if i would have garage, where i could storage, and take care about this car, I would already have it.

    Tomáš LacušTomáš Lacuš5 timmar sedan
  • all good except for the medkit. Nowadays, it became popular to have a first aid kit when you're travelling on either a picknick, work, country side or whatever. Keep in mind that Russia is fucking huge and didn't have a hospital or a doctor every 50 miles.

    StanStan6 timmar sedan
  • I love this car, growing up in the Soviet Union this was It, brings back a lot of memories, thanks Doug !

    Dmitriy BurdDmitriy Burd6 timmar sedan
  • For what do you need a tachometer? My audi 80 has also none and is a manual 😂 Learn how to shift and to drive 🤓

    CAYLERCAYLER7 timmar sedan
  • Doug use to be more sensible when he started these reviews. But later the stupidity of these designs took over him and he became the one whom he ever feared to become, a stupid.

    Phone Trn TrnPhone Trn Trn7 timmar sedan
  • My dad worked as a gas inspector in Poland in mid 80's (not gasoline, just gas you use in your cooker for example) His duty was to drive around the gas network stations across the whole city. He normally used a Moskvitch 408 or 412 wagon for inspections. But eventually the whole gearbox in the car broke down. So before he could get a replacement car, they let him to drive a GAZ Volga dor around two days of such inspections, that belonged to the gas works principal. After he got into the Volga the first thing he felt was that he was astonishied how big this car was compared to small Moskvitch or whatever else European cars my father used to drive. The then he said: "It feel like I'm driving a Soviet palace!" XD I'll show you an example what kind of building more or less he had on mind:

    GekonZGekonZ7 timmar sedan
  • I’m from Bulgaria and in the 80’s this was the Maybach here. I know it sounds funny but that’s the truth.

    KristianKristian8 timmar sedan
  • I though all the Volga's were black... at least they were in the 80's in Poland. And we were a bit scared of them because in people's minds it was that Volga is a secret police company car and the two men inside are agents, cause there always been two of them. If that's true or not, I don't know... possibly not cause the intelligence agents would be to easy to spot. It was probably car for high party members or company managers. Private use was very rare.

    Justyn KolpowskiJustyn Kolpowski10 timmar sedan
  • "Why would you need a driver vanity mirror when you have a perfectly good adjustable rear-view mirror a hand's breadth away; why would you need rear ventilation when you can roll down the window ?" is the soviet way of thinking about it

    Hugo ArdekOHugo ArdekO10 timmar sedan
  • You should have reviewed VAZ 2107, which was in production in Russia till 2012! You would be very-very surprised.

    Raman HrynkevichRaman Hrynkevich11 timmar sedan
  • the "cloth strap" looks like braided copper to ground the hood. for what reason I have no idea

    Zachary ClarkeZachary Clarke12 timmar sedan
  • Hi Doug, please make review on soviet CHAYKA another GAZ product for soviet government officials

  • I don't know what he is talking about, this is way more luxurious than a Trabant 601S

    SuperNorstShowSuperNorstShow14 timmar sedan
  • For what they had at that time, it was a good car. Easy to fix, low maintenance with out fancy figures compared to the West. To utilize what you had and make a reliable car is not a easy task. It might looks awkward or stupid, but you sometimes have to put things in context to be fair. It was my father's dream car, to own this car was not a easy task in the Soviet era. I know it might sound ridiculous, but people did value and took a pride of this car. I just hope that this host would make less fun of this car. There was a reason why Soviet made cars like this. Not bc they were so outdated or stupid.

    Y WY W15 timmar sedan
  • Это было хорошая машина между чем у нас было. Американцы просто не понимают, они там не жили.

    Y WY W15 timmar sedan
  • Gotta say I like this car, I’d like it more with a LS swap and some general hot rodding touches. I see potential. I’m a sick puppy.

    Shawn NortonShawn Norton15 timmar sedan
  • Obviously the author has no idea of such words as "respect" for instance. By all means Volga is not the best car in the world, but it is certainly not the worst, Quite many advantages compare to other cars. Anyhow 1988 Ford Taurus is almost impossible to see on the road now, plenty of 1988 Volgas are still there, do the math.

    Daiell ViatkinDaiell Viatkin15 timmar sedan
  • 11:12 You shouldn't be putting on makeup while you're driving, anyway.

    Trainzguy2472Trainzguy247217 timmar sedan
  • Lmao doug got the russians real mad on this one, who knew THIS would be the care they would vigorously defend.

    AspireGDAspireGD17 timmar sedan
  • 13:20 The liquid in bottles from a first-aid kit is intended for sterilization of wounds. Black pills are called "activated charcoal". Intended for help if you got food poisoning. P.S. You will need "Valerian tincture" from the bottle (at 13:37), if you find out how many years a soviet worker had to work at some factory for buy such car.

    Operator CNOperator CN20 timmar sedan
  • This guy just hates old cars and clearly has no idea about anything older than 2005.

    sierra leonessierra leones20 timmar sedan
  • It deserved a 10 for features. You can take the latest Tesla or Bugatti or whatnot, it does NOT come with a box of pills !

    Duke of LorraineDuke of Lorraine21 timme sedan
  • Looks like the guy takes in good old joint before review

    Andri KlinkovAndri Klinkov21 timme sedan
  • You are wrong about a lot of things, my friend.....

    Tihomir LetićTihomir Letić21 timme sedan
  • You should check out some modern Russian cars like Lada Vesta. Would be interesting to see that roast lol

    IndieRusIndieRus23 timmar sedan
  • For me it looks cool af and I am sure you can drive that thing through siberia forever without a single breakdown, seems to be very fun to him to have a proper first aid kit, I can smell a bit of his ancap stink

    Mini printerMini printerDag sedan
  • stupidO !((((

    Р ЛР ЛDag sedan
  • Привет из СССР, я сам из Нижнего Новгорода, и эмблема ГАЗ это измененный герб города, и никакая не копия

    Илья ГусевИлья ГусевDag sedan
  • Ti AXYEL?!

    Agent YorkAgent YorkDag sedan
  • Cool video. But when you say it wasn't designed for hot weather, well... try living in or near Moscow in summer and you'll probably feel exactly the same as in south California, but without any chance of feeling a fresh ocean breeze. It's continental climate at its best, with very cold winters and very hot summers. So, this car would've turned into a sauna in some parts of Russia too, though only for a couple of months.

    Julien RoturierJulien RoturierDag sedan
  • My parents had 1972 Volga You can see much better review of Volga by watching this guy

    Amax LimoAmax LimoDag sedan
  • This is so funny! I was born in the Soviet Union and this car was upper-class, used only by Taxi and the privileged. Never laugh that much watching a car review :)))

    Juri KonradiJuri KonradiDag sedan
  • as soon as I saw that gear selector I knew it had to belong to an Armenian :)

    Vazgen KhachaturianVazgen KhachaturianDag sedan
  • So... Is this a Soviet car? I don't think Doug made it clear enough

    Giuseppe VittorinoGiuseppe VittorinoDag sedan
  • Soviets did not care about car manufacturing. They had free public transportation and their roads were/are frozen 300 days a year.

    Pólvora Del ReyPólvora Del ReyDag sedan
  • Are you gangsters? No, we are Russians... *БОЛЬШИЕ ГОРОДА!!!...*

    Александр СавельевАлександр СавельевDag sedan
  • Volgas are still on roads of former soviet republics that became independent countries This cars carry bricks, sand and other construction materials in it's trunks and roofs replacing trucks for small businesses. So it's still on roads not just for fun.

    Sticker Box MusicSticker Box MusicDag sedan
  • Interesting fact: there was a small series of 5.5 litre V8 version made of this car, the 24-24 with 145kW. But it was only available to the KGB.

    Rik CRik CDag sedan
  • В совке ВСЕ было украдено.

    manhuntmanhuntDag sedan
  • Soviet engineers couldn’t upgrade car, which was produced since 70s even in 80s, so yeah, let’s laugh about it, about f*cked up government and totalitarian regime, real funny. Btw in Soviet union used km/h, not miles. And he didn’t even put an effort, to understand what is in medkit, which is filled with antiseptics and ect. Great review(nope)

    Дмитрий ЛебецкийДмитрий ЛебецкийDag sedan
  • No seatbelts for backseats was actually quite common for most if not every Eastern European car from the 1980s and 1990s, not just in Soviet Russia. Even today, in some Eastern European countries you are not obligated to have seatbelts for backseats or to buckle if you are sitting behind.

    Tarik PasicTarik PasicDag sedan
  • I love this car. My grandpa had one in '80 and my first car memories are connect to this car. Oh and here, in Poland it is a HUGE car ;) . Wartburg 1.3 (mine, for example) is also great car to show :P Pozdrowienia z Polski

    SebastianSebastianDag sedan
  • It is looking like a Opel Rekord A from the 1960's

    T BergT BergDag sedan
  • you do realize this was the "s class" of russia right? like you have to be yuri gagarin to get one from the government.

    mazon rodriguezmazon rodriguezDag sedan
  • Even now every driver must have a first aid box in his car,(Ukraine), not so long ago a policeman could check whether you have or not, if you dont you ll pay a fine(often in policeman pocket)))

    viktor chornoshtanviktor chornoshtanDag sedan
  • Hi, Demure, I'm from Russia, we still have an amazing car produced in 2021 without changes, which came off the assembly line back in 1965, its name is UAZ 452 . Please make a review!

    АндрейАндрейDag sedan
  • Overacting from 14.05 to 15.00

    Sachin KharbSachin KharbDag sedan
  • The strap under the hood... isn't that a metal grounding strap?

    Nicholas CarpenterNicholas CarpenterDag sedan
  • what a moran

    morerybamorerybaDag sedan
  • It looks a bit like a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300d. Seriously - Google what an '85 300d looks like and compare the styling.

    monkey boymonkey boyDag sedan
  • Swap a smalblock V8 in it and American racing rims on it and it would be a nice quirky Muscle car 😏

    Johan IzerJohan IzerDag sedan
  • I hope a Russian doesn’t watch this...😂

    Unknown PersoUnknown PersoDag sedan
  • Communism, fuck yeah!

    Patrick PatPatPatrick PatPatDag sedan
  • Oh my, I remember moving these out of the way in Half-Life 2

    LineNineLineNineDag sedan
  • Why is there a Uljanovski Aftomobilni Zavod spare tire cover in the trunk?

    MP-FinMP-Fin2 dagar sedan
  • I don’t see any thing funny about the car, this video is exactly how you shouldn’t review a car. It sounds more like a republican politician campaign speech.🤮🤮🤮

    Adi AlfarajAdi Alfaraj2 dagar sedan
  • GAZ Volga 2410 is like Porsche 911 996C2. GAZ indeed is the brand itself, Volga is the model like "Camry" and 2410 is generation and modification emblem.

    Alan Jahn SteyrbachAlan Jahn Steyrbach2 dagar sedan
  • The door handles look like those from an Austin Allegro.

    Rapscallion2009Rapscallion20092 dagar sedan
  • If you want fast volga, you must have a kgb version volga, which have 195hp with top speed around 120 mph

    Damar AlfaruqDamar Alfaruq2 dagar sedan
  • i love these communist car reviews

    Goku V8Goku V82 dagar sedan
  • I can’t decide if I hate Doug.

    Alec StonciusAlec Stoncius2 dagar sedan
  • 1. I'm not Russian, nor am I from a former Soviet republic. 2. It's a pretty decent car with looks better than most of the Western budget cars built in the 1980's. It's simple and dependable. 3. Any car from the '80's is entertaining to some extent, but I don't think this car deserves that much derision. 4. Downvoted.

    Zeki Enes AkkanZeki Enes Akkan2 dagar sedan
  • Gorbachev watching this be like 👀

    Gulfstream626Gulfstream6262 dagar sedan
  • Way too much talking head

    bearchowbearchow2 dagar sedan
  • I believe because of their communist government, just like they had to ask to build this car, they legally had to keep the full name for iwnership purposes. Whatever money Volga made, must have been shared, like communism suggests

    Ian MusesIan Muses2 dagar sedan
  • The Olga 24. Legendary motor. 400 Storage, plenty of torque to go up hills and run over zombies, wolves and bears.

    Ryan ClaydonRyan Claydon2 dagar sedan
  • Vodka engineering

    Steve WhitakerSteve Whitaker2 dagar sedan
  • Regarding the medkit. If you have an accident or your car breaks down far eastern of the Ural in the middle of nowhere you'd be glad to have all those "little helpers"..... I don't understand why this is so funny. There are no 24/7 stores every few miles in Siberia(for example).

    FGM11FGM112 dagar sedan
  • Would it kill him to do just a little research prior to doing his "reviews"?

    Jeff ErskineJeff Erskine3 dagar sedan
  • I do not like it when pseudo experts who do not even know the real history about the USSR tell about such things.

    Blender 3D aroundBlender 3D around3 dagar sedan
  • That first aid kit is to treat basic 9mm Makarov wound...🤣🤣🤣

    julio urbinajulio urbina3 dagar sedan
  • If Doug ever goes to Soviet Russia, he will be put up against the wall the minute he sets foot inside the airport for laughing so much as its culture...😄😄😄

    julio urbinajulio urbina3 dagar sedan
  • Ur just biased coz I find it a cool car

    ronald musiimeronald musiime3 dagar sedan
  • In Russia it’s illegal driving the car without first AID kit and fire extinguisher

    Alexandr LisitsaAlexandr Lisitsa3 dagar sedan
  • In Soviet Russia Doug would explore the quirks and features of being raped and abused for being useless and not being able to work the shovel in Gulag. P.S. - not Russian or former Soviet - just making a practical observation.

    nikolatsirkovnikolatsirkov3 dagar sedan
  • 13:51 is that condom?! commies really knew the priorities..

    ׁׁ3 dagar sedan
    • You have some weird pp friend 🤣

      Tomáš LacušTomáš Lacuš5 timmar sedan
  • Volga 24 was made under an American licence. Google for jeep j10 and tell me if you see any similarities. He reviews cars and could not even recognize American classic in the look.

    Konstantin PetruninKonstantin Petrunin3 dagar sedan
  • The "cloth" strap attached to the hood, is a copper ground strap to complete the circuit for any electrical devices mounted to the hood, such as the light which you pointed out.

    SparkySparky3 dagar sedan
  • Doug, does your first aid kit _not_ have pills? Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen, Loperamide, Diphenhydramine, Caffeine, all very common sights in first aid kits.

    ToastyMozartToastyMozart3 dagar sedan
  • "Bad car" i.e. most efficient in terms of money per value to get you from point A to B while being reliable. That idea is probably one of the key factors why USSR growth rates were faster than in capitalist countries . In the eyes of the "bad Soviets" it was better to have stronger army, improved infrastructure, more huge projects like "Buran", than to have more expensive car for citizens.

    Shellby xShellby x3 dagar sedan
  • Doug, ask the Soviet car expert about using a syringe with this car. I am serious!

    Michael VasyaninMichael Vasyanin3 dagar sedan
  • I'd still take this over that god awful trabant he reviewed.

    John SmithJohn Smith3 dagar sedan
  • What a mediocre video

    Minuz PunkteMinuz Punkte3 dagar sedan
  • This is a beautiful car.

    yose851yose8513 dagar sedan
  • I used to like this channel. This video was made with no regards to the context of the limitations as to which these cars were subjected to, the design requirements and restrictions faced by designers, engineers, manufacturers and the few who were lucky enough to be able to afford it.

    Pierré PotePierré Pote3 dagar sedan
  • 14:10 beep we're having technical difficulties

    Ian MusesIan Muses3 dagar sedan
  • The pills are probably morphine. In case you have pain.

    TeslaStellarTeslaStellar3 dagar sedan
  • 13:30 Doug definitely hasn't been to russia

    Leonardo BacigalupeLeonardo Bacigalupe3 dagar sedan
  • This has gotta be the art deco of all cars. Its styling is very artistic.

    Ian MusesIan Muses3 dagar sedan
  • Seriously Doug? Have you never seen an active carbon pill before? OK, I find it quite unusual to put it into a car's first aid kit, but that stuff can be very useful when you're stomach is acting up and it's still a 14 hour drive across the taiga to the nearest hospital. In the dark. Edit: Sorry for being so negative. I really love that you're reviewing old and weird cars.

    DeckzwabberDeckzwabber3 dagar sedan
  • The thing is it was an early 1970s car, it just never really got updated after it was first introduced in 1970, they just kept making these, the 24-10 was a very minor upgrade, which was primarily an update to the manufacturing process rather than the car's design

    Igor FaslyevIgor Faslyev3 dagar sedan
  • 15:03 "cloth strap"? Looks like a ground cable.

    garagehackgaragehack4 dagar sedan